About Funeral Therapy Services

Funeral Therapy Services is a project born in 2021 by the hand of Regina Marques, which aims to mitigate the feeling of emptiness and loneliness, that the pandemic context has intensified due to social distance, when a family member dies.

According to a new systemic view it aims to contribute to greater humanization through informations, shares and digital tools in order to honor the deceased person and provide therapeutic support to help family members and the person themselves in their grieving process.


Support family members and the person themselves in their grieving process.


Provide a 360.º approach to the loss of a loved one and grief, contributing to psychoeducation and providing  complementaty, integrative and energetic therapeutic tools to provide the emotional balance for those who find themselves in enormous fragility moments.


Innovation; Cooperation; Humanization; Spirituality; Pacification; Affectivity and Responsibility.


  • Provide useful and free digital tools to family members for the dissemination of funnel acts information;
  • Soften a feeling of emptiness and helplessness within the family by dignifying the family member who died, through a dedicated space that offers public condolences and dedications of family and friends, honoring those who left and comforting the lives of those who stay.
  • Encourage family members to express the pain of loss, through writing, and with their testimony and sharing promote a sense of belonging to a group that helps to support other people in their grieving processes.
  • Provide complementary, integrative and energetic therapeutic tools to provide better life quality for people who are seriously ill and starting their own grief process, as well as bereaved family members.
  • Promote social reflections about losing someone we love and mourning theme with due respect for cultural diversity and preservation of family values, including individual beliefs.