How to address Grief and Suffering With Children?


How to address Grief and Suffering With Children?

Webinar with Maria Gorjão Henriques

This sensitive topic was addressed during the first webinar with Maria Gorjão Henriques.

In her opinion, the worst thing we can do is to prevent the child from suffering, because throughout life they will experience very similar sufferings and worse than the grief.

“Children understand death better than adults”, says the expert.

It is important to realize that when we have difficulty in giving mourning news, we are not only broadcasting the news, but also our feelings of pain, so it is important to reflect on how the news is transmitted, relieving its emotional burden.

By withholding from our children the news of loss, we are depriving them of the opportunity to learn to better deal with these types of conflicts. It is essential to tell them the truth and give them the opportunity to participate or not, in the funeral ceremonies, in order to build their own reality.

To conclude the theme and, by way of example, she talked about the nightmares we all have and which, in many cases, are traumatic, but which, when we are eventually exposed several times to the same situation, the “psyche” of each one solves the problem, making it banal.





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