How to Face Death in Order to Live Better


How to Face Death in Order to Live Better

Webinar with Maria Gorjão Henriques

Last September 8th, we were chatting with Maria Gorjão Henriques, in our first Webinar on the theme “How to face death in order to live better”.

Maria Gorjão Henriques is a Psychologist, Professor and Facilitator of Family Constellations, Astrologer and founder of Espaço Amar.

Systemic awareness

The interview began with an approach to the theme of “Systemic Consciousness”, where she explained that we are the result of the union of our parents' experiences and that our souls bring recorded memories, which are then replicated in each one's current life.

We highlight some of the most striking and inspiring phrases that resulted from the interview:

"My life is the sequence of many lives"

"What is perfect is completed, the imperfect has a future"

Maria Gorjão Henriques also defines as perfect all the “round” formulas in the world, such as cells, the Earth and the Sun, as these items have the shape of a 360º perfect circle.

Reflecting on the annual period of 365 days, Maria Gorjão Henriques explains that it is precisely these 5 extra days that allow for evolution, not closing the circle and representing a spiral shape.

Systemic Consciousness represents the realization of the Human Being in an evolutionary spiral in which, despite the constant repetition of the seasons, what is born and dies is always different.

How is this awareness associated with grief?

When there is the perception that all life is a cycle in constant flux, it creates, in a way, an acceptance and a peace, which helps us to overcome the loss of a loved one and to better accept death.

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