Think Empathically


Think Empathically

Webinar with Maria Gorjão Henriques

During the interview on September 8th, Maria Gorjão Henriques recounts the importance of learning to think empathically. Learn about each person's experiences and the reasons that contributed to their various events.

As long as we don't frame the actions of our ancestors and only know the stories by the “branch”, “family systems will continue to cry out for balance”, because what passes from generation to generation are emotions.

“Detachment is not letting go. Detachment is the greatest act of love we can have” said Maria Gorjão Henriques during the interview. There has to be a difference between letting go for love or pain, and for a healthy match to be done out of love.

In our culture, the grieving process can be difficult, as we are not educated to death despite being, curiously, the only thing we can't escape from — “It's the only certainty”.

Life is just a passage of transformation, as it is not tied to physical forms.

Therefore, when you manage to find refuge in love, death is a "See you".

He also mentions that even during a storm at sea, which corresponds to the loss of a loved one, the sun is there and continues to shine above the clouds. The sun rises and sets in the same way, although it is not perceived by those who suffer the loss. The person does not notice due to the clouds that hover above him, “but the sun is there”, thus ending with a record of hope.





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