Webinar: The Great Mind and the Small Mind at Farewell Time


Webinar: The Great Mind and the Small Mind at Farewell Time

Last Monday, the 30th of May 2022, we talked with Izabel Telles about the topic "The Great Mind and the Small Mind at Farewell Time".

Izabel Telles was born in Brazil but she likes to feel like a citizen at the service of the Cosmos. Ever since she was a little girl she felt she had a gift which allowed her to navigate through the films the mind produces. In 1997 she began studying with Dr. Gerald Epstein at The American Institute for Mental Imagery (New York) and was accepted into this Institution because of her gift.

He mixed the technique offered by the Institute with his gift and created a therapeutic path for the amplification of consciousness. For many years she has facilitated trainings and consultations in Brazil and Portugal.

To know more about Izabel Telles -> https://linktr.ee/izabeltelles  

The webinar started with the theme of Big Mind vs Small Mind, Izabel described the world of small mind as the world

"Fear was created by the small mind to destroy the feelings we created with the big mind." Izabel tells us, some of these feelings are compassion, love, ethics, willingness to help. These feelings or attributes are adulterated due to the fact that we come to earth with an open heart.

Izabel says her goal is to get people to walk the longitudinal journey, the one that takes us back to creation, this way we can achieve incredible resolutions to our earthly problems.

Another of the key points that was talked about during the webinar, is how essential it is for human beings to return to their roots, close to nature, without daily struggles of traffic, robberies, wars, problems. For, our mind assumes everything that surrounds us as ours, and ends up affecting us negatively.

During the webinar, Izabel tells us the story of when a Brazilian philosopher asked the Dalai-lama "What is the best religion in the world" to which the Dalai-lama replied "The best religion in the world is the one that makes you happiest".

One of the points Izabel touches on is that those who work with people at the end of life, as palliative care doctors, report that the common word is "pity", pity for not having done everything you wanted in life, for not having lived your mission, pity for not having enjoyed life as you wanted.

"Is there a common, cross-cutting image in people who are in their last moments of life?" - Regina Marques asks

"Yes, there is... The first most recurrent image is the wall and the light that begins to fade... Another recurrent image is a river, which is going down the plain and finds a drain which is absorbing all the water... Other people who are more attached to material possessions start to realise that what they had perceived as a concept of security, was very wrong." - Izabel Telles replies

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