Classical Psychotherapy of Family Constellations

Classical Psychotherapy of Family Constellations

Family Constellations are a classical psychotherapy which is based on a phenomenological approach, based on Bert Hellinger’s Philosophy, who discovered the systemic laws that operate Human relationships, called “Orders of Love”- Belonging, Hierarchy and Balance between giving and receiving in the most diverse systems.

When these laws are not considered they can generate repetitive patterns and conflicts that prevent the person from progressing in a prosperous and healthy way in life.

When to do a Systemic Constelation?

Among other reasons:

  • When you are in a prolonged grieving process;
  • When you find yourself in states of anxiety, stress or depression;
  • When you have health problems;
  • When you have difficulty dealing with your children;
  • When you have difficulty in romantic relationships;
  • When you feel blockages regarding money, professional or career situations;
  • When you have trauma, addictions,...

How do I propose to add value to your life?

My commitment is to look at your physical or emotional complain and throught a phenomenological, integrative, transgenerational and systemic approach help you become aware of the source of your problem or conflict, helping to better deal with challenges and focus on solutions, transforming obstacles into conscious opportunities to help you move forward in life with greater prosperity.

If you want to understand the reason for your pain and receive support to help you change what no longer serves you in your life, allow yourself to be helped!


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