Multidimensional Therapy for the Bereaved Family Member

Multidimensional Therapy for the Bereaved Family Member

Multidimensional Therapy is a complementary, integrative and energetic therapy that, respecting the Law of Free Will, allows the healing of mental, spiritual, physical and emotional bodies, working the energies of Love, Peace and Forgiveness. It was channeled by Hélène Abiassi, and it is also known as the “heart therapy” once that the whole process is developed though the therapist’s heart chakra, as an electromagnetic portal and energy channel to access light beings, that are in other dimensions and parallel realities.

The APTMD – Portuguese Association of Multidimensional Therapy describes the Multidimensional Therapy as an awareness raising tool, and its main objective is to assist the individual ascension process with the help of multidimensional light beings.

This rise happens in the process of integration with our essence of divine light, raising the vibrations of our multidimensional bodies, and making it possible for us to reconnect with the divine frequencies.

The therapist works in meditation, with a total focus on the heart, transferring energy so that light beings, that are in multiple dimensions, with high frequencies of cure from the 5th dimension can work on the person’s physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic body, on these and other dimensional frequencies.

The Multidimensional Therapy presents several benefits. Among others, we can highlight some, such as:

  • Dense energies cleanings, such as sorrows, resentments, fears and insecurities;
  • Energy rebalancing;
  • Energy and spiritual cleanings;
  • Body, soul and feeling rescues, allowing their integration;
  • Emotional empowerment;
  • Self-love rescue;
  • Consciousness elevation;
  • Emotional cures;
  • Contracts and agreements annulment, that hinder the person's evolution;
  • Opening ways to achieve prosperity.

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