A Love Without End


A Love Without End

Webinar with Maria Gorjão Henriques

In the webinar held with Maria Gorjão Henriques on the theme “How to face death to live better”, one of the stories related was the relationship of her uncles to illustrate Love.

She started the story telling us that the relationship of these uncles lasted about 70 years, they always lived together, they always slept together, and even their jobs didn't separate them. In fact, a rare but very real case of a happy couple.

One day his uncle died of a cancer that spread very quickly, despite all the resistance in not wanting to leave, not because of him, but because he had to leave his wife.

At that time, everything indicated that the aunt would follow quickly due to the grief of losing her beloved husband, but Maria was surprised by the response to the observation that she made to the aunt:

"Oh aunt, I've never heard you complain about my uncle's death, his departure, how you misses him, how much you miss a spectacular relationship."

To which aunt replied:

“How can I complain if I've had more than anyone else in the world? I can only be grateful for what I had. I just have reasons to thank you!

He went first than me, but I had a happy life. We had a happy life. We always lived together. I have neither the moral nor the right to complain."

And it is through testimonies and experiences like these that unique wisdom is obtained, worthy of being shared.



Source: https://youtu.be/bxw1w_QuggU

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