Mother’s Symbolism


Mother’s Symbolism

At the Webinar with Professor Joaquim Parra Marujo, one of the topics covered was the symbolism surrounding the mother and the female entity.

The professor started by addressing the topic of how the Human Being develops inside the female womb and when he dies he returns back to Earth, to Mother’s Nature.

When he is born, the first thing he does is to breathe in and, according to the professor, to breathe in means “Spiritus” and when he dies the last gesture is to breathe out and give back to Earth what she was given, spirituality.

"It's interesting because, in the most serious moments of life I've never heard anyone call for their father, it's always for mother."

The maternal entity plays a very important role in everyone’s life, and one of the most difficult griefs to overcome is certainly the grief of losing a mother.

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